Since 2012, I have provided quarterly seminars for our clients on multi-family related topics.  This quarter’s topic, “The Top 7 Apartment Trends Due to COVID” is timely, as everyone is impacted.  Here is more information on the seminar.*  Email me for a zoom link at




The Top 7 Apartment Market Trends Due to COVID

The pandemic has obviously thrown the country and the world upside down, and there are many changes occurring as a result. Everyone is asking a few basic questions:

How does COVID-19 affect the local apartment market? What is going to happen to apartment values? How does this affect buyers?
How does this affect sellers?
What should I do in 2021?

Bernard Gehret will lead a 30 minute Zoom Apartment Investor Series Seminar discussing the top 7 trends we are seeing at Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate in order to help illuminate what is really going on in the multi-family market. Bernard will quickly outline the top trends, and will do a Q & A to answer your specific questions.


Bernard will update on the latest legislation from Salem regarding COVID related non- payment of rent.

There will be a raffle for a bottle of wine, just sign up and show up for a chance to win!

Date: Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Time: 9:00 a.m.
Via: Zoom Video Conferencing Duration: 30 Minutes

Cost: Free

As always, Bernard Gehret’s seminars will have no selling! They are “information only.”

*The seminars are designed for our clients or potential clients, I also provide separate seminars for brokers as well, if you are a broker and want more information, please call me to discuss at 503.546.9390.