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Thanks to MFNW for sending out this update on the local City of Portland elections that will effect housing legislation, here is their rundown of the candidates:

Primary Election Alert – City of Portland
Dear Multifamily NW Members,
The 2018 Primary Election in Oregon is Tuesday, May 15th, ballots have already been mailed to registered voters. Portland City Commissioner Dan Saltzman is currently serving his 5th term and will not seek reelection. Whoever replaces him will have the ability to swing the direction of the city of Portland for years. The Government Affairs Committee interviewed three candidates running for Commissioner Saltzman’s seat on the Portland City Council. For the interviews, we asked the candidates to focus on housing. Here is a summary of those conversations:
Commissioner Loretta Smith
Background: Over 20 years working for Senator Wyden, elected the last 7 years as Multnomah County Commissioner.
Priorities: Addressing the affordable housing crisis, there should be a stand-alone housing bill and part of solving the crisis is to consider the infrastructure issues, incentivize those who have units already built to use Inclusionary Zoning.
Position on Rent Control/Stabilization: Does not believe in interfering with the market and does want to encourage more private/public partnerships.
Stuart Emmons
Background: As an architect from the private sector who has worked on many city projects and has an in-depth knowledge of what can be done better at BDS (Bureau of Development Services). Ran against Commissioner Eudaly in 2016 for Commissioner Novick’s seat on Portland City Council. Believes Supply and Demand is key to addressing housing market.
Priorities: Housing the homeless, cost of building housing and affordable housing.
Position on Rent Control/Stabilization: Strongly opposed, has lived in places with rent control and it doesn’t work.
Jo Ann Hardesty
Background: Elected to Oregon House of Representatives, 1995-2000, President, NAACP Portland Branch 2015 – 2018, Executive Director, Oregon Action 2002 – 2010
Priorities: Can’t build our way out of housing issue, strong tenant protections and homelessness.
Position on Rent Control/Stabilization:Strongly supports.
Bernard Gehret

Bernard Gehret

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