May Membership Luncheon at Metrofamily NW: "7 Ways to Take (Real) Advantage of the Current Market Conditions and to Maximize Apartment Income and Valuation"

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from Multifamily NW website

from Multifamily NW website

I am the keynote speaker at

next month's Metrofamily NW Membership luncheon, and would love to see you there!  Here is the description of the luncheon, more details soon:

How to Maximize Apartment Ownership in Current Market Conditions- and Flourish When The Market Changes

Bernard Gehret presents “7 ways to take (real) advantage of the current market conditions and to maximize apartment income and valuation”.  The apartment market has turned hot, yet it will stil

l deliver more volatility in the future. The key is to plan ahead while the market is strong so you avoid future costly mistakes.  With past real estate cycles as guides, that are likely to occur again, he will help you build in strong bench marks so you can succeed in this new and dynamic market.

About the Presenter:  Bernard Gehret is co-founder and Principal Broker for Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate in Portland, Oregon.  He has brokered over $200 million in apartment transactions the past 14 years, and is an award winning broker who LOVES assisting his clients and providing value to everyone he meets.  If you have any apartment related questions, feel

free to contact him at 503-546-9390 or

Bernard Gehret

Bernard Gehret

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate