Latest Rental Housing Journal Indicate Pandemic Price Reductions “Over”


The Rental Housing Journal published their monthly update on national multi-family housing news, titled:

“Pandemic Pricing is Over, As Rents Rise Rapidly In Most Areas”

The subheadlines in the article say it all:

  • Record month in rent increase wipes out pandemic pricing
  • Rents in hard-hit markets continue their rebound
  • Shortage of rental housing
  • Multifamily Markets Continue To Show Rent Growth

In the Oregon market, I am starting to see rents increase on vacant units, but I have not seen many instances of management/landlords increasing rents on already occupied units.  What are you experiencing?

Here is the full article from the Rental Housing Journal:

Pandemic Pricing is Over, As Rents Rise Rapidly In Most Areas

Bernard Gehret

Bernard Gehret

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate