In a release on December 15, Kate Brown is calling a special session, which most likely includes extending the eviction moratorium and a relief fund for landlords and tenants.

The initial proposal allowed for tenants to legally not pay rent, and the landlords would be required to petition the state to recover a portion of the unpaid rent.  Metrofamily NW is against this proposal, they stated they were not conferred for input on the proposal, and they believe it would create more harm than good.

Here is what was outlined in the article specific to landlords and tenants:

“Included in the governor’s proposal is $150 million in aid for landlords, $50 million for tenants and $600 million put into the Emergency Board committee’s account, with $100 million dedicated to wildfire response and $400 million for the coronavirus, according to reports.”

Here is the release:

Governor Kate Brown Calls Special Session to Consider $800 Million in Relief for Oregonians