BISNOW Pacific NW (Seattle) Commercial Real Estate Headlines

By November 12, 2020April 13th, 2021National Apartment News

I subscribe to a number of commercial real estate newsletters and subscription services, and I especially enjoy reading the headlines of BISNOW Pacific NW that focuses primarily on the Seattle area.  Even though our firm (Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate) does most of our work in Oregon and SW Washington, what happens in Seattle seems to eventually trickle down to Portland and the rest of the Pacific NW.  It is often like reading tomorrow’s newspaper today, and very much relates to Portland and Salem, Oregon.

  • Here are some the headlines from today’s edition that focus on the multifamily sector:
  • Rents are Down in Seattle but Rising in Suburbs
  • Real Estate Shares Rocket on COVID Vaccine News
  • 63 Unit Tacoma Community Sells for $12 Million
  • Digital Amenity Options for Your Tenants During Work From Home

Here is the Bisnow.seattle link

Bernard Gehret

Bernard Gehret

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