Apartments for Sale- Salem, Oregon 8 Unit Property at 7.45% Cap Rate

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We just listed this 8 unit apartment building in Salem, Oregon, the seller has completed a number of upgrades to the property and it is in great shape. The Casa Saville Apartments

is available for $440,000, call me for details. Call Bernard

Gehret at 503-546-9390 for details!

For Sale! Casa Saville Apartments

in Salem, Oregon

From press release:

Casa SavilleWe are pleased to announce our new exclusive listing for the Casa Saville Apartments, an 8 unit community located in Salem, Oregon. This property has been well maintained and features a strong, long-term tenant base. It is currently listed for sale for $440,000 at a 7.45% cap rate.

For further information on this property please click here or contact Andrew Holowetzki and Bernard Gehret.

Bernard Gehret

Bernard Gehret

Joseph Bernard Investment Real Estate