Apartment Occupancies Continue to Increase As Home Buying Decreases

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Here is more news about how the lack of home buying is effecting the apartment market, this trend is occurring in Portland, Oregon as well. A few economists and bankers have told me they believe home ownership will continue to decline to around

64%, which was typical for the time frame from the mid 1980″s to mid 1990″s. Currently, the national average has dropped to around 65-66% from the high of 69%.

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Apartment Sector Continues to Rise as Home Buyers Diminish

rent vs buyThe U.S. Census Bureau recently reported a net increase of 1.4 million households that have moved into rental housing this year. Clearly, many in single-family homes converted from ownership to rental. A new Reis Inc. survey of professionally managed apartment communities in major metro areas found vacancy rates stood at 5.9 percent during the latest quarter, the lowest since 2007 for that class of apartment.

Freddie Mac has described the rental housing market as “a bright

spot” in the housing sector, forecasting that 2011 will end with a “thud” for home sales. Freddie Mac chief economist Frank Nothaft states, “Much of the rental demand is from young and newly formed households who have decided to postpone homeownership in favor of renting during unsettled economic times.”

Indeed, research shows that the decline in the homeownership rate has been sharpest for those household heads under the age of 30. Nothaft concludes, “With rental demand rising and apartment economics improving, the multifamily sector is a positive signal for the U.S. housing industry.”

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Digested From “Net New Renters 1.4 Million, Net New Home Buyers 0” United Press International (10/18/11) by Steve Cook

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